Education at the preparatory department and Russian language courses

Faculty of pre-university education

Language: Russian, English
One can submit documents for the educational courses and preparatory department throughout the year.

Студенты МИТСО Компьютерный класс

Faculty of pre-university education Education form Course duration Tuition fees
(US dollars, per year)
Preparatory department To apply to stage I (Bachelor's degree): preparation to enter the University as a pre-student, Russian language courses, immersion into academic environment, the use of some of the student's capabilities Full-time 1 year 1950
The course “Russian as a foreign language” For applicants to stage I (Bachelor's degree);
For applicants to master’s course;
For applicants to PhD
Full-time 1 year


The certificate is given after graduating from the pre-university department, preparatory department, preparatory courses.

Contact information:
International relations office
+375 17 279 98 60,